About the Nomad

In December 2020, I sold my condo—and pretty much everything in it—bought an F-150 and a 21′ travel trailer, and hit the road. I’d never towed a trailer before, but I figured it out.

I’m a full-time adventurer. I’m a full-time writer.

I’m the Nomad Novelist!

I was 12 years old when I began writing short stories; during my 30s, it was a college writing class that nudged me to attempt a novel. My apprenticeship continued with nearly 70 articles for newspaper and magazines before I submitted my second manuscript to a leading literary agency. Three months later, I signed contracts with a CBA (Christian Booksellers Association) publisher for both “Airwaves” and “Only His Kiss.”

My radio career began on my 17th birthday, the minimum age to qualify for a broadcast license with the Federal Communications Commission. I was busy raising babies during my 20s, but I stepped back into the studio during my 30s and eventually worked my way into the prime-time slot. With 10,000 hours on the air, I was Sherrie O’Neill, half of The Morning Team on the leading FM station in southeast Idaho.

After graduation from high school, I took a little walk on the wild side, a journey that led to my marrying a patch-holder in an outlaw motorcycle club. The club eventually imploded, but I still have my property patch, a treasure I earned.

Though my husband had traded his “chopper” for a sailboat when I was pregnant with the first of our two sons, we got back into motorcycles when our youngest joined the U.S. Navy. He left his bike behind, and my husband taught me to ride.

I began wearing hats to motorcycle events in order to add some fluff to a black leather world.

It only made sense that my logo would incorporate my best-est hat.

I love to decorate and organize things. I love the color blue. And I love dogs. This was my bedroom in my condo, and my senior rescue Chihuahua, Bengie.

I love music, art, and photographs; I delight in making people laugh. I’m kinda always analyzing stuff, especially situations and motivations. Others tell me I’m strong, passionate, and quick on my feet.

I’d never towed a trailer, much less backed one up, when I hooked on to mine.

My dinette is my writing desk; my patio is all of America.