Prepare-to-Tow Checklist

There’s much to do when breaking camp, preparing the trailer to tow it to my next location. Since I’m doing this alone, there isn’t a second person who would notice a step in the preparation was missed. So, I created a checklist. If you’re still on the sidelines, you haven’t yet launched your Nomad lifestyle, don’t let the list intimidate you. There are dozens of steps, but all but a few go really fast, no more than the time it takes to open a cupboard door and peer inside. This is a good start; modify it for your needs.

Preparing for Travel the Day Before

  1. Fuel-up truck.
  2. Zero-out trip odometer.
  3. Buy beverages and snacks for road trip.
  4. Check trailer tire pressures according to number on sidewalls. Top-up with portable air compressor.

Preparing, That Morning, the Trailer Interior

  1. Make PBJs and place inside truck cab, along with beverages purchased day before.
  2. Start black water tank draining.
  3. Take down and stow wall hangings.
  4. Bathroom
    • Secure loose stuff in clothes cupboard.
    • Put soap dispenser in sink.
    • Close shower door.
    • Secure bathroom door.
  5. Entertainment Center
    • Stow DVD player and sound bar.
    • Unplug and stow power strip and attached charging cords.
  6. Take garbage bag from hanger and set by the door to toss in the dumpster on the way out of the park.
  7. Refrigerator
    • Secure stuff inside.
    • Make sure door is latched.
  8. Kitchen
    • Stow coffee maker.
    • Set in the sink the soap dispenser, cutting board, and clock.
    • Remove glass tray from inside microwave, set in bucket for washing dishes, and set bucket on the floor of the shower.
    • Make sure nothing will tumble out of overhead cupboard.
  9. Living Area
    • Stow LED lamp, dehumidifier, and space heater.
    • Take coats & bathrobe from wall hooks, and drape on the bed.
  10. Systems
    • Close black water tank valve.
    • Begin draining gray water tank.
    • Turn off refrigerator.
    • Make sure water heater is off.
    • Make sure roof vents are closed.
    • Pull in slide-out.
    • Take garbage sack to truck cab.
    • Shake-out door mat & set inside trailer.
    • Close door & lock it.
    • Stow outside step.
    • Fold-in handrail.

Preparing, That Morning, to Tow the Trailer

  1. Turn off propane tank valves.
  2. Unplug & stow shore power cord.
  3. Disconnect fresh water supply, & stow the hose.
  4. Disconnect and stow TV cable.
  5. Close valve on gray water tank.
  6. Drain and stow sewer hose.
  7. Fold camp chairs and stow inside truck bed, under tonneau cover.
  8. Crank-up stabilizer jacks.
  9. Install trailer ball in truck’s receiver hitch.
  10. Start truck engine to warm up.
  11. Unlock trailer hitch.
  12. Grease hitch socket on trailer.
  13. Back-up truck to near trailer hitch.
  14. Hook-up trailer to truck.
    • Extend trailer tongue jack.
    • Back-up truck to trailer.
    • Lower trailer tongue onto ball hitch.
    • Lock trailer hitch.
    • Connect safety chains & trailer lights.
  15. Remove and stow chocks from trailer wheels.
  16. Stow pads that were under tongue & stabilizer jacks.
  17. Lock outside compartments.
  18. Inside truck, connect trailer back-up camera.
  19. Type new location into truck’s GPS.
  20. Put truck transmission in Haul/Tow mode.
  21. Leave campsite.
  22. Toss garbage in dumpster on the way out of the park.